Sgt Liam Madden (Appeal for Redress) A Tale of Two "U's" (Penn v.Temple pics)

February 16, 2007
Marine Sgt. Liam Madden, Courageous Active Duty co-founder of "Appeal for Redress" has, from within the ranks of the military, been propelled to the forefront of the anti-war movement.
Liam Madden

<>His two day tour of the Delaware Valley included speaking to the Children of the Ruling Class, at the Ivy League's University of Pennsylvania

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<>and an exciting and fruitful visit to the Working Class Young Adults of TEMPLE University.

unveiled a side of the Crusader v. Muslim Self Determination rights rarely heard in America.<>Sgt Madden, and numerous Delaware Valley Vets were pleased to welcome two Active Duty Marines, who joined the scores of Temple students who gathered to hear Sgt Madden.  In building the Appeal for Redress, Liam has dedicated the last few months to being a leading activist and acting as a media spokesperson for the 1,200 service men and women who have signed the Appeal:

<>audience member
<>Palestinian, and Iraqi students of Temple U. added incredibly heart rendering first person narratives, corroborating Sgt Madden's experiences in al-Anbar Province.  These students 
"Appeal for Redress" is a campaign of active service members who are appealing to congress to remove all American military forces and bases from Iraq. 
    Sgt Madden will leave the March 17th Ft Bragg, NC, Commemoration of the start of the 5th year of our U.S. Adventure in Iraq, and tour from Ft Bragg, NC, to Camp LeJeune, NC, Ft Jackson, SC, Ft Stewart, GA, Jacksonville, FL, Naval Station, Ft Benning, GA, and Maxwell-Gunter AFB (Montgomery, AL)
    Vets of WWII, Korea, VietNam, and ALL Eras, are encouraged to join Sgt Madden, and Iraq Veterans Against the War, as we campaign across the DEEP RED STATES, to our Mississippi & Louisiana Katrina rebuilding destinations.

Caravan Through the South

As we travel from Fayetteville, NC to the Gulf Coast area, we will stop in key military cities, in an attempt to reach out to active duty military. Veterans For Peace, IVAW, and many individual signers of the Appeal for Redress, will travel to six military towns in the southeastern US. In each town, we will hold an event for active duty military personnel and their families, where we will energetically engage them in discussions regarding the absurdity of this war and encourage them to sign the Appeal for Redress.