Iraq Vets near 50 Chapters, with Another
Active Duty group, formed @ Ft Bragg,
home of the 82nd AIRBORNE Division
    IVAW's Iraq Veteran "BASE TOUR" kicked off on August 1st,
@ Ft Drum, NY, home of the 10th Mountain Division.  (and also
home of the 1st Active Duty IVAW Chapter)
    IVAW's rollicking Road Show rolled into Ft Bragg on Aug 5,6,&7,
combining great music with BBQ, Fellowship, & Vets Benefits workshops.
    The "BASE TOUR" is scheduled to visit the Army
and Marine
Divisions, here in CONUS, who have been deployed more
than any other units.  (82nd Airborne, 10th Mountain, 2nd & 3rd I.D., etc)
Fayetteville, NC, Fire Marshal
Fayetteville, NC, Fire Marshal measures the Venue's square footage, then makes it
clear that his head count must not exceed 200

V.A. Claims Representation
V.A. Claims Representation occurs at each concert, BBQ, & workshop venue
REBEL Inc has a head banging punk-metal drive that
is incredibly infectuous

Mosh Pit
Folks with neck, back, knee & elbow problems stay
waaaaay back from the Mosh Pit.

If you look closely, you'll see Liz Kennedy & Cap't
Marlissa mixing it up with the Big Dogs !

We also had a "HillBilly-Soul" band that did some great covers, too

Great Music, and doubled over laughter made for
a great night.

BOTTOM LINE:  3 days @ Fort Bragg
= another Active Duty Chapter !

CREDIT ALL PHOTOS:  bill perry