IVAW's Iraq Veteran "BASE TOUR" kicked off on August 1st,
@ Ft Drum, NY, home of the 10th Mountain Division.  (and also
home of the 1st Active Duty IVAW Chapter)
    The "BASE TOUR" is scheduled to visit the Army and Marine
Divisions, here in CONUS, who have been deployed more
than any other units.  (82nd Airborne, 10th Mountain, 2nd & 3rd I.D., etc)
 Iraq Vet Robynn Murray
Iraq Vet Robynn Murray dons the 12 ounce gloves to keep Marine
Jason Washburn sharp

The "ZZZBase Tour" includes outstanding concerts, BBQ's,
and Veterans Benefits, and G.I. Rights Workshops.
Head Roc
The Rapper who brings History Alive, Head Roc, opened the show.
Pictured here, Head Roc is encouraging 1st I.D. Cavalry Scout Steve Mortillo,
to 'splain how Mortillo is the only IVAW member to have been on ALL 4 "Bus"
Tours ("Rust Belt"-'06, "Whinesec to Watada"-'06, "Dirty South"-'07, and
the 2008 "BASE TOUR")
Learn more about Head Roc, his artistry & lifestyle, at http://www.head-roc.com/

S.O.N. of Nun
S.O.N. of Nun has performed on nearly every IVAW Tour, and he brought
down the House @ IVAW's Winter Soldier, I&A.  At Fort Drum, he wades
into the crowd while spittin' a cappella.      SON's latest CD, The Art of Struggle,
is available thru http://www.myspace.com/socialistmc

Ryan Harvey
Ryan Harvey played far into the night, well past midnight.
You've heard Ryan's IVAW anthem, Search and Avoid, on the Line in the Sand
album... Ryan has a number of new singles, which you can check out at

Veterans Benefits, Claims Representation
Veterans Benefits, Claims Representation, and the keys to getting
the Treatment & Compensation that you're entitled to, are a part of
every BASE TOUR Venue.

10 Combat Veterans
10 Combat Veterans work on ptsd & tbi ISSUES


The IRON CHEF, Steve Mortillo, adds his amazing herbs and spices to
about half a cow.  Mortillo is also a Master with Vegan and Vegetarian dishes.
Marlissa Grogan

The amazing Marine Captain, Marlissa Grogan, is the Treasurer on the
BASE TOUR, and she really protects the bottom line, because she was also
on the Fundraising Team, w/ Susie Husted.
NOTICE:  When Marlissa takes a snap, and does her 5 step drop, while hollering
"GO LONG", she'll pump-fake with the pigskin, then unleash a 45 yard perfect spiral
to her intended receiver !
BEWARE:  Don't get your feelings hurt, fellas, she's quite capable of kicking butt !

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