Savannah, Georgia   August 10th, 11th, & 12th, 2008
    IVAW's Iraq Veteran "BASE TOUR" kicked of on August 1st,
@ Ft Drum, NY, home of the 10th Mountain Division.  (and also
home of the 1st Active Duty IVAW Chapter)
    Our Iraq Vets now have a 2nd AND 3rd
Active Duty Chapter, BOTH in North  Carolina. 
   The Camp Lejeune Marines, and the 
82nd AIRBORNE Division, @ Ft Bragg

    The "BASE TOUR" is scheduled to visit the Army
and Marine
Divisions, here in CONUS, who have been deployed more
than any other units.  Here's what happened in GEORGIA:
Savannah proved to be no different than
Jacksonville, Fayetteville, & Watertown...
Great music makes for great times.

LOCO's, in Savannah, had Last Man following
We had VVAW @ Ft Drum, MFSO at all 4  
Cities, and, finally, VFP in Georgia.
Memphis Mike, and Co., came down from the ATL

We were also pleased to have Monica and
Sargeant Kevin Benderman, who served in the Sandbox
w/ the 3rd I.D.
If you're  too busy to read "Letters From the Fort Lewis 
  , then you should tune into the PBS Documentary
"Soldiers of Conscience", which will air on Thursday,
October 16th, 2008, @ 9pm.   Learn More @:

Sgt Maggie Martin, who has deployed 3 times,
is VERY actively recruiting Spec4-E4 JH to join
the Savannah Chapter of IVAW.  Love is Wunnerfull !

Great people, great times...
I heart Savannah
Phil Aliff, the co-founder of IVAW's first
active duty Chapter @ Ft Drum, is now Prez of
IVAW's Atlanta Chapter, seen here working on
convergence, & BASE TOUR Logistics

These tireless Warriors for Peace were jamming
with Ward Reilly, in Baton Rouge, and raising HELL
all around Austin, TX, Killeen, and Ft Hood.


DNC & RNC, beware !  Veterans Working !

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This photo was taken by Ms Liberty Powers, of
the Savannah Morning News