IVAW's Iraq Veteran "BASE TOUR" kicked of on August 1st,
@ Ft Drum, NY, home of the 10th Mountain Division.  (and also
home of the 1st Active Duty IVAW Chapter)
    Our Iraq Vets now have a 2nd AND 3rd
Active Duty Chapter, BOTH in North  Carolina. 
   The Camp Lejeune Marines, and the 
82nd AIRBORNE Division, @ Ft Bragg

    The "BASE TOUR" is scheduled to visit the Army
and Marine
Divisions, here in CONUS, who have been deployed more
than any other units.
REBEL Inc. opened the show at FAST FREDDIES,
across the Blvd. from Camp Lejeune.

As usual, the V.A. Claims Rep was at each
of the 3 Camp Lejeune Venues (concert, BBQ, &

Crew Served Carnage was another
profound "message" band, lined up by
Jason Hurd, Prez of the Ashville IVAW.
(all Vets !)

All up and down the East Coast, Marines &
G.I.'s LOVE hearing the TRUTH

Alien Art, the 2nd TAT Parlour from Camp
Lejeune's Gate (there are over 30 in Jacksonville)
has an IVAW KOKESH-KELLER {and thousands of
Marines} tradition of getting Top Notch Ink applied to
young Warriors' canvas.

There is a lovely, distinctly Marine
ambience about the joint.

Alien Dudes and Dudettes are everywhere.

And MIA from AREA 51 are RIP

Marine Cap't Marlissa was the only one of us
who wasn't ready for ink.
Steve Mortillo & Jason Washington both got
large We the People Preambles to the Constitution,
to honor the OATH we've all taken to PROTECT &
Jason Hurd & Ray Curry went very conservative, and

Kris Goldsmith got the Universal KIA Memorial,
with scrolls & stuff.
Yours truly, bp, was very understated,
with the Universal KIA Memorial, without
the scrolls
This Tat joined my other 4 on my calves, all
of which were 40 years old.  Back in the day,
they dipped RailRoad Spikes in ink, and pounded
them with sledge hammers...
Today, you hardly feel anything.

BOTTOM LINE:  IVAW has 2 new Active Duty Chapters,
{ Marines & Paratroopers }

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