Cindy Sheehan kicks off "PEACE MOM" book tour


   Despite arriving in Philly on a day when 1,200 folks took 20-some buses to Harrisburg to demand an end to "gun violence", Cindy packed 500 Peace Lovers into the Free Library of Philadelphia.
    Cindy's train was 45 minutes late, allowing Poetry Readings by Delaware Valley Veterans For America poets Robert Dennen, and David Kalkstein, two FABOULOUS song and dance routines by Philly's GRANNIES FOR PEACE, and invaluable truths as spoken by Gold Star Family members Michael Berg ( Nick Berg's Dad ) and Joan Kosloff ( Sgt Sherwood Baker's StepMom ), and a fervent appeal by one of FUMCOG's heavy hitters.
    Cindy's message, which has inspired 100's of millions of folks, around the Planet, rang clear, both in person, and in print !
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Disabled American Veteran, VVAW, VFP, VFW, VVA

Lift Your Head by Cindy Sheehan