Del Val VETS @ PHILLY's OCT 27th March & Rally ( & IVAW )

We had 2 1/2 inches of RAIN in Philly, and VERY FEW CAMERA's

VA Hospital

Del Val Vets kicked off the March & Rally with an Assembly Rally @ Philly's Veterans Affairs
Medical Center, & Hospital.  The Hospital's Staff & Vets loved the appeals for "Dedicated, Mandatory
Funding, to end the Congressional Shell Games" that divert VA $$$ to Military Spending, and
Base Relocation and Closing (BRAC).  The TRUE COST of WAR is astounding.

At VA Hospital

Police held up our March @ 11th Street, so the elements back at 15th Street could
wrap around City Hall.  Crowd estimate was 5,000, RAIN NOT WITHSTANDING !


Sgt Kelly Dougherty, Executive Director of Iraq Veterans Against the War,
explains IVAW's Mission Statement & Strategy

IVAW Chair

IVAW Chair, & Vets Counselors

Desiree Ali-Farooz

Desiree Ali-Farooz Tells CondiSleeza "You've Got Blood on Your Hands" on Oct 24

stay in their face!

On Oct 27th, Desiree exhorts the crowd to "STAY in Congress' FACE !", as she invites them
to stay at the Code Pink DC House, near Capitol Hill, & hold Congress' feet to the fire

Reverend Lennox Yearwood

Barnburning speakers, Reverend Lennox Yearwood, of IVAW, (right) and Doctor Mahdi Ibn Ziyad,
(center) minister to a sick & sinful VET, from Del Val Vets.

Adam Kokes

Iraq Veteran Against the War, Adam Kokesh, (IVAW Co-Chair), IVAW Bus Driver, Jim Goodnow,

Hamm Sherwood Baker's family Mike Berg
Larry Hamm                          
People's Organization for Progress
KIA Sherwood Baker's Family Mike Berg, KIA Nick Berg's Dad

Never give up!