Our IRAQ VETS of  http://www.IVAWdeployed.org  follow up their incredibly successful 4 week long "Uprise Tour" from the East Coast, to ChicagoLand, with their first stop of the "Southern Crescent Mission", at Ft Benning's Torture School (SOA)


Kyle Snyder, Iraq veteran and war resister, Tells it like it is


From left: Jesus Bocanegra, Snyder, Toby Hartzbarger, "IVAW Deployed" co-founder, and Delaware Valley Vet For America Sgt of Arms, Steve Mortillo, Darrell Anderson & Mike Blake, ALL of WHOM ARE OIF VETS


Colonel Ann Wright, AIRBORNE ! ( w/ Mike Blake & Dennis Kyne, & Jesus, Toby, Kyle, & Darrell )

Hardcore deployed personnel

VFP staff person Betsy Reznicek, Del Val Vet Bill Perry, and 3 of the HARDCORE IVAW Deployed personnel.

More IVAW personnel

Ethan, Mike, Bill Perry, Toby, Steve & Jesus launch the IVAW Deployed Bus from Delaware Valley Vets Headquarters Company, in Levittown, PA., to the Chattahoochie Valley Torture School (SOA) at Ft Benning, GA.

Bring home the bacon

Kyle, Darrell, Mike, Jesus, and IVAW DELOYED "Bring Home the Bacon" @ SOA


Moving the "Merch", getting IVAW's Concepts, Beliefs, & Mission Statement out to the 20,000 folks at Ft Benning's SOA Rally.  CD sales included "Ground Truth" and "Before You Enlist".

Final group shot