Del Val Vets Go to Washington "Swear-In" Day for Candidates we worked for


Iraq Veteran Against the War co-founder Thomas Young, w/ IVAW & Del Val Vet Chad Hetman, and Del Val Vet for America's Bill Perry


10 Delaware Valley Veterans For America seek Justice at the Supreme Court


IVAW Deployed's Darrell Anderson's Mom, Anita, w/ VFP#144's Chad & bp, plus everybody's hero, Bruce, our One Armed Bandit


Juan Torres, whose son, Army Spc. John Torres Jr. was KIA 07/12/04 in OEF, "When The War Came Home" author, MFSO Member Stacy Bannerman, & IVAW "Deployed" Mom, Anita Anderson


Cindy and Tiffany, at the Hart Senate Building public plaza, where some Merry Pranksters unfurled 4 banners, exposing the Murdering Bush Regime's illegal policies. Cindy reminded America numerous times of our 3,005 KIA, all over DC


Loud mouth Veterans' reveled at how well their Voices carried in the Hart Senate Building, as they hollered "We Will NOT Be Silenced" !

prrez & bill

Bill Perry, who had done TV commercials with US Rep, Admiral Joe Sestak, puts hapless Democrat foot-soldier in a headlock, for his NAFTA bills, and Iraq Sanctions, at Admiral Joe's Rayburn Building Reception. (Other PA friends, Sen Casey, & Rep Admiral Joe Sestak, wait on Perry, in background :>) )


144's Executive Director is hugged by U.S. Rep, Cap't Patrick Murphy for all the work Del Val Vets did to elect him


A really beautiful day was topped off with another brilliant David Swanson presentation at the National Press Club, that included Daniel Ellsberg--Cindy Sheehan light hearted moments, mixed with DEAD SERIOUS Gore Vidal comments on the necessity of Driving Out the Bush Regime.