IVAW, MFSO, Vets brave the Cold, while Lt WATADA takes the HEAT
5 Feb 07

with VFP144 Prez

Iraq Veterans Against the War Patrick Resta, Chad Hetman, & Steve Mortillo stand with Lt Ehren Watada after his electrifying speech @ VFP Convention, Aug 12, 2006


IVAW Deployed Co-founder, & Del Val Vets Sgt of Arms, Steve Mortillo, (left), Patrick Resta, Del Val Vets President, (center) & Chad Hetman, Del Val Vets Communication Director (right) recount Lt Watada's elecrifying speech, that has led to his Court Martial proceedings.


100 Watada supporters brave ZERO DEGREE cold while Lt Watada takes the HEAT


We surrounded Philly's LOVE PARK, with our support of Lt Watada's COURAGEOUS STAND

Berg & Zappala

Nick Berg's Dad, Mike Berg, and Sgt Sherwood Baker's Dad, Al Zappala, both spoke of the pain of burying their Sons, killed in the War Lt Watada refuses to take part in.


IVAW members Nicky Pryzzzz, Sgt Gordy LaChance, Cap't Chad Hetman, Toby Hartzbarger, Steve Mortillo ( credit M Frugier )


The second & third hours of Watada support moved inside to escape the SUB-ZERO wind chills (M Frugier)

ivaw backup

Lt Watada's Aug 12, 2006 Seattle speech, with massive IVAW backing, will be an major milestone when Historians recount how the Iraq War ended.

Bill & Ehren

Delaware Valley Veterans For America's Executive Director, Bill Perry, notes that Del Val Vets have stood with Lt Watada since his June decision to Oppose an ILLEGAL War, and Deployment. Del Val has been truly inspired by the Lieutenant's Courage to Resist, made public in August, and we'll stand by him through the Court Martial, and ALL the appeals, while Watada mobilizes Active Duty, and International opinion on the TRUE interpretation of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, re: Refusal of ILLEGAL ORDERS