Iraq Veteran Against the War, Margaret Stevens, Electrifies Newark Rally 8/25/07

Lincoln Park, Newark, NJ, 8/25/07 Photo Story


Iraq Veterans Against the War National Treasurer, Margaret Stevens, electrifies the crowd at Newark's Lincoln Park Rally, & March.
    Seamlessly stitching together all the U.S. "safety net" shortcomings, as well as the lack of Jobs, Justice, and Equality, all of which can be remedied with the $2 Billion we spend, per week, every week, in Iraq; Margaret Stevens managed to also address the demagoguery surrounding immigration.
    With the recent triple murders of college kids in her Newark West Ward neighborhood of Ivy Hill, Margaret brilliantly defused the Lou Dobbs mindset of anti-immigrationists, AND gun lovers. 
    Margaret, with dead-on accuracy, moment after moment, phrase after phrase, concept after concept, had the crowd leap to its' feet, with a steadily building crescendo of applause, as they demonstrated total acceptance of her World View, and analysis. 
    This Iraq Veteran Against the War pulls no punches when she speaks truth to power.


POP, the People's Organization For Progress, organizers of the March, are seen in this photo as BIG FANS of Impeachment.

Young ones join in

This photo demonstrates that entire families, all the way down to 1st Graders, realize the only way to end the war is to IMPEACH, INDICT, & INCARCERATE Cheney and Bush.


Delaware Valley Veterans agree:  IMPEACH Cheney 1st, THEN Bush


The PRO-IMPEACHMENT sentiment of the crowd left Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, U.S. Rep. John Conyers, a lonely man.
    Granted Conyers had & has done some wonderful things in his 40 years in Congress, but on July 23rd, 2007, he let the world know that he is Pelosi-whipped !
    Conyers is the dude who rallied in LaFayette Park, across from the White House, FOR IMPEACHMENT, when David Swanson rallied our troops, in June, 2005, after discovery of the Downing Street Minutes.
    Conyers is the dude who held hearings on Impeachment, when the "D's" were in the Minority.
    Conyers is the dude who campaigned, promising Impeachment, for 2 years straight, IF he could regain the Chair of the Judiciary Committee.
    Conyers is the dude who is so Pelosi-whipped, he had Cindy Sheehan, and 46 others arrested in his office on July 23rd, when he went back on his pledge to begin Impeachment hearings.
    Turns out that some of the Health Care Unions in today's Demo had invited him, back in June,  to speak on H Res 676, the National Health Care Act.
    The funny thing was, Conyers must have thought HE was back in June, when he opened his speech with "What Do We Want... When Do We Want It", apparently expecting "Peace...Now", or "Health Care... Now"
    His "What Do We Want... When Do We Want It" was answered, REALLY LOUD, with "IMPEACHMENT..... NOW"
    Needless to say, he shut down his request after the 2nd try, blushing deeply with embarrassment.

Nation Of Islam

The Nation Of Islam had about 100 members participate.  The Troops Out Now Coalition was probably the largest group.  United For Peace & Justice, United Food & Commercial Workers Union, the Mail Handlers Union, Act Now, Stop War, End Racism (A.N.S.W.E.R.), and numerous Community groups all had a large presence, Military Families Speak Out, including Paula Rogovin, and Gold Star Dad, James Kelly, and a special shout out to IVAW's Fernando Braga, Jen Hogg, Jackie, and the rest of the Iraq Vet Posse, and Vets Ken Daulton,  Hugh Bruce, Dave Kalkstein, Ray & Nancy Smith, & the Metropolitan Council Vets.  PDA (Progressive Dems of America), & DFA, and all their IMPEACH stuff, WCW, and all the "Traditional Lefties", and neighborhood groups all deserve thanks, too.

Jan Barry

The shy, and self effacing 1967 founder of VietNam Veterans Against the War, Jan Barry, was there, in his capacity as a reporter, covering the events for the Bergan News-Record, so for historical continuity purposes, and IVAW fund raising, I just had to intro him to Margaret Stevens, to get some "fundies" going.

interviewer gets interviewed

Normally the Interviewer; Amy Goodman becomes an Interviewee ( Damn... Spell Check sez Interviewee is a real word ! )


The Puppetista's critique America's blind love of all things materialistic

95 degree heat

About 2,500 folks marched, in 95 degree heat, and about 500 stayed in the shade of Lincoln Park, to await their return.


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