Newly Dedicated Pentagon Chapel Opening
9 Sep 06


8 Iraq Veterans Against the War, 4 Delaware Valley Veterans For America, 4 Veterans For Peace, and 4 VietNam Veterans Against the War made a pilgrimage to the Newly Dedicated Pentagon Chapel, on "opening day", Sept 9.
    5 Iraq War Veterans were arrested.


At a Sunday Morning, September 10th Press Conference at Camp Democracy, Washington, DC, Colonel Ann Wright explains how our "Pentagon Five" Iraq War Veterans took an Oath to "Defend and Protect our Constitution", yet were denied their 1st Amendment Rights at the "Opening Day" of the repaired and restored Pentagon, after 9-1-1 Sky Jacking.

( left to right: Camp Democracy's David Swanson, "Gold Star" Dads Carlos Arrendondo and Al Zappala, Iraq Veterans Against the War (a-m) Tristan Watson, Toby Hartbarger, Steve Mortillo, Depleted Uranium victim, Sgt Geoff Millard, and Joe Hatcher.  Far right is National VFP's Exec Director Michael McPhearson, and Col Ann Wright is at the podium)


The "Pentagon 5" Iraq War Vets include Delaware Valley Veterans For America Sgt of Arms Steve Mortillo, of Pennington, NJ, Tristan Watson, Chicago, Toby Hartbarger, Muncy, Indiana, Joe Hatcher, of San Diego, California ( holding the Camouflage New Testiment ), and
Sgt Geoff Millard, a Depleted Uranium victim.


Bill Perry, Executive Director of Delaware Valley Veterans For America, asks "Why does our Pentagon Chapel violate Separation of Church and State, with a Camo New Testament, yet prohibit a DU ( Depleted Uranium ) victim from publicizing our Iraq vets who have suffered the effects of DU, and  have every right to educate others about the terrible effects of this illegal substance used in weapons produced by the United States government?


Our flag points to where:            1-  AA Flight 77
                                                2- A Guided Missle
                                                3- A rocket
slammed into our Pentagon on 9-1-1, on September 11th, 2001
    note the darkened cornerstone, next to the 3rd tree

This fire blackened cornerstone marks 9-1-1
Our 20 person "Veteran" delegation attracted 15 Pentagon "minders" (13 more than any other tour group)
    I couldn't resist loudly asking "Are the remnants of the aircraft stored in a hanger, somewhere?" and "Can they be viewed like the WTC aircraft parts stored at JFK airport?"
    We had a General, and a Lt Colonel heading up our "security detail", and they stammered something about "it's classified"


This is one of the Stained Glass windows, inside our new Pentagon Chapel.  One can't help but wonder, "If a ferocious predator, in stained glass, is next to Camo Bibles, in our National Pentagon Chapel, why can't we just get along with the 'evil doers'?"
Bill Perry 215-945-3350
Disabled American Veteran, VVAW, VFP, VFW, VVA