VETS & Labor BOO Sarah Palin in Philly

This photo is Yours Truly, BP (Green VVAW shirt), & Viet Nam, Iraq, & Delaware Valley Vets banner.
Historical Revisionists & Democrats call McCain a "war hero"

When McCain & I were in Viet Nam, all the military age men from the
North were down South, fighting me & my fellow "Boonie Rats"

McCain was raining death on the Women, Children, Babies, and old folks
in the North, while we fought the VietNamese men {I was all around the Parrots Beak
of Cambodia, where the Ho Chi Minh Trail dumped out} as they tried to expell the American Invaders.

McCain was raining death on the innocent Women, Children, Babies, and old folks
in the North at 400 mph. ...  In an ILLEGAL WAR.

The U.S. DoD estimates we killed over 2,000,000 folks in AIRSTRIKES.  Ain't nothing funny about
finding a baby's torso covered by it's Mother's upper body, then finding BOTH their heads, and some arms & legs in the same damn BOMB CRATER, and counting the same Mother & Child's scattered body parts as   8 "enemy" KIA's.
THEN, we'd move on to the NEXT bomb crater.     McCain is a TERRORIST & a WAR CRIMINAL

City Hall
palin mask 
The Philadelphia Flyers were known as the "Broad Street Bullies" before and
after they won their back to back Stanley Cup Championships in the 70's.
Billy Penn, atop City Hall, in the middle of Broad Street, seems to have turned
his back on Gov Palin, in this photo
The adjacent pic was the theme of our Saturday Rally... To reduce
Mechanical McCain & Silly Sarah to the cartoonish characters that they are.

more crowd

The Police told the Philadelphia Inquirer that 400 of us showed up... That means there were about
800 of us, on BOTH sides of BROAD STREET, for the whole block, and on the center Island


The Gov Palin Motorcade approaches, and IVAW Iraq Vet Gordie Lachance ( 19 Delta Cavalry Scout,
and Garrett Reppenhagan's Squad Leader) prepares to signal us to "choke" the South Bound Broad Street Access.

still more crowd

The Secret Service puts candidates in one of 6 or 8 Chevy Suburbans, in random position, and I messed up
my photo of Palin, but 800 rowdy folks lining both sides of Broad Street had REALLY visably shaken poor
little Hockey Mom.
I came home from 'Nam in '68.  I have harrassed the Republican ticket in ALL 11 Presidential Cycles since '68.
Reagan, both Bushes, Nixon and Ford, AND their running mates,  all tried to do a hearty and haughty fake grin and wave, when accosted by Demonstrators.
Silly Sarah must believe her own hype, because she was visibly shaken, and actually frightened by us Labor, Vet, GLB&T, & Poor Peeps, FIRED UP !
We could actually see her slumping lower and lower in her seat, scared shitless.  It was PRICELESS !


The excitement, and espirit de corps was palatable


What I found most interesting was that over the 11 Presidential Cycles that I've harrassed Republican
Presidential Tickets, this is the FIRST TIME that a lot of the Cops seemed to laugh at the Secret Service,
and their Secret Service anal-compulsive nervousness.
AIN'T NOBODY BUYING McCain-Palin BULLSHIT , in Philly ! 

FOX 29 News Report, incl IVAW Iraq Vet James Gilligan remarks

YOU TUBE, Palin Booed

CNN, Gov Palin Booed

LA Times

Sarah Palin booed in Philadelphia before Flyers-Rangers game

10:32 PM, October 11, 2008
The world's most famous "hockey mom" can now join the ever-growing list of icons booed by Philly fans. Move over, Santa Claus and Mike Schmidt, Sarah Palin was booed tonight in front of Willow and Piper as she was introduced to drop the first puck at the Flyers' home opener against the New York Rangers.
Despite pleas from the scoreboard at the Wachovia Center, which read "Flyers fans, show Philadelphia's class and welcome America's No. 1 hockey mom, Sarah Palin," ABC News' Jake Tapper reports that the booing was so prevalent that the music had to be cranked up to "deafening" levels in order to compete with the fans from the city of Brotherly Love.
Although Pennsylvania is often considered a swing state, the jeering is easily heard in the video above
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