VFP#144 Visits 3 VA Hospitals,
gives 400-plus patients/Vets 2 hour phone cards

Veterans For Peace Chapter 144 distribute Free 2 Hour "Phone Cards" to over 400 VETS stuck in THREE different VA Hospitals

group 1

Philadelphia VA Hospital had 8 Delaware Valley Veterans For America giving out hundreds of Working Assets ~ National VFP sponsored Phone

Santa & group 2

Delaware Valley Vets ( VFP Chapter #144 ) spread Holiday Cheer throughout Philly's VAMC Hospital

group 3

Code Pink joined Del Val Vets ( VFP#144) at the Wilmington, Delaware, VAMC

group 4

The hardest core Delaware Valley Vets For America ( VFP#144 ) made a trip to their THIRD VAMC, the Coatesville, PA, Vets Hospital
    Del Val Vets For America are pleased & proud to work with folks, and organizations, who really care about our Veterans.