Delaware Valley Vets Welcome Sgt Kevin Benderman HOME
15 Sep 06

Sgt Kevin Benderman was welcomed home, after he ended his heroic struggle w/ Military policy, re: C.O. status, in the Ft Lewis Stockade.
    Here, Sgt Benderman is being honored at a panel sponsored by the Congressional Black Caucus, at the DC Convention Center


This table includes our tireless MFSO heroine, Monica Benderman, P-Mac, Gold Star Dad Al Zappala, Malik Rahim, of NOLA's Common Ground, Delaware Valley Veterans For America's Bill Perry, numerous dignitaries from North Jersey, NYC, and Louisiana, Atlanta's Debbie Clark, attending to Dave Cline, Col Ann Clark, and VFP Vice Prez Ellen Barfield


Artwork, ranging from Immigration policy ( or lack there of ) to Republican icons, from our Camp Democracy displays, on DC's National Mall

more art


Bill Frist