SHUT DOWN the KILL school

The $14 Million Dollar Army Experience Center, located in Philadelphia's Franklin Mills Mall, was the target of nearly 50 Veterans and 150 Peace Activists on Saturday, May 2, 2009.

The 3 males behind the Delaware Valley Vets banner are all Combat Veterans of the 101st Airborne Division.
Left to right:  Iraq Vet Kyle Quigley, Colonel Ann Wright, 'Nam Vet Bill Perry, Gold Star Mom of KIA Lt Seth Dvorin, Sue Niederer, and Iraq Combat Vet Staff Sgt Jesse Hamilton.
Background folks include 'Nam Vet Prof Camillo Mac Bica, and Capital Hill Super Activist Desiree Farooz.


Gold Star Mom Sue Niederer explains how her KIA son was duped into the Military, and she questions how can ANY 13 to 17 year old can make an informed decision in these rough economic times, when the Army is offering graphic "kill" videos on BIG screens, for free.

Staff Sgt Hamilton

Del Val Vet, and IVAW member, Staff Sgt Jesse Hamilton explains the REAL Hummer and the Apache Helicopter that the 13 to 17 year old kids hang out of, firing at projected images of "Hajji's and RagHeads" that are projected onto the wall, while the Army computer tabulates and tally's their "KILLS"

Col Wright
Colonel Ann Wright (who resigned from the State Department on the Eve of Shock & Awe)
gives the overview of our Mission to RAISE PARENTAL AWARENESS of the CHILD ABUSE being practiced in our backyard, by the U.S. Army

Joan Kosloff
Gold Star step-Mom of KIA Sgt Sherwood Baker, Joan Kosloff


Tarak Kauff
'Nam Vet Tarak Kauff, National Archives Occupier, Impeach Organizer, and "Prosecute the War Criminals" working group brought his hard driving brand of activism to the AE demo

inside the mall
The Army Experience had about 60 Philly cops outside, 20 cops inside, and Government security, plus the Malls'  huge Private army of Mall (Simon Properties) security people.
It is extremely important for the Army to keep the super successful Army Experience Center open, without much attention, so the Army can REPLICATE it, and build more AE's in YOUR neighborhood.

Del Val Happy Warrior, Sandy the Graphic Artist

Rob't the Poet, Taking Charge, & raising $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Pete the Corpsman, & Rich the Navy techie

Del Val Vets include Iraq Vets Against the War (, VietNam Vets Against the War (VVAW) , Veterans For Peace (VFP) and Disabled American Veterans (DAV) Many of our members belong to 2 or 3 of these Organizations.

more vets
Combat Veterans have the most authentic voices in opposition to our unjust wars and occupations all across the planet


One of my co-organizers, Pat Elder, with VFP Board Member and VVAW activist, P-Mac, and Del Val troops Ray Smith & Kyle Quigley in the background

One of the most encouraging things was the number of youth in the Rally, including Sabita and her high energy, exuberant YaYa group

Mah fellow co-conspirator, & co-organizer, Elaine Brower (Military Families Speak Out {} and World Can't Wait) was one of 7 Arestees, @ the AE

Our 7 "Shut Down the Army Experience" arrestees were held for 5 hours in the 2nd/15th District Lock Up.
Colonel Ann Wright and me went around the back, into the police parking lot, and up to the barred and screened cellblock windows, where we were communicating, and even singing with our arrestees.
Needless to say, the cops didn't play that, and 4 of them barreled out, and confronted us, fully ready to do the ole up against the wall & spread 'em thing... They wanted to arrest us for trespassing on private property, at our taxpayer funded community jail...
go figure...
All 7 arrestees were released after 5 hours, and everybody is back to plotting how to STOP the REPLICATION of the ARMY EXPERIENCE CENTER in YOUR neighborhood!