Here are my pix of yesterday's march in four PDF slide shows.  As I've learned the hard way (RAM hangup) a 14,500 MB file is too big to send, so I've broken it into four parts to be sent separately. If you want any individual pix, let me know.


We start out with Our Gang, with our new DV-VFA banner, the gold DV-VFA flag I sewed and heat-pressed after design input from Patrick & Bill, plus my "Support the Troops-Bring 'em Home Now" sign which Dr. Jon is holding.  I also furnished paste-on jacket patches and cap patches, homemade.


What an exhilarating day yesterday was, even if I am too sore to move today.  There was far too much pointless walking--from charter bus to METRO station, within the METRO stations at both ends of the line, from METRO to the mall, and all over again to get back to the bus.  (I think I walked about 3 miles just to get to the rally, ridiculous logistics for someone with my years and arthritis.  Next time, someone will need to push me in a wheelbarrow.)  But there were many highlights.  We weren't paying much attention to the stage rally, which ran late, and the impatient crowd was noisy.  I could barely hear Jesse Jackson and the film stars, nor our own Del Valley guys (Bill Perry, Patrick Resta, Chad Hetman, Steve Mortillo and other IVAWrs) who were up on the stage.  The biggest cheer came when the march was just beginning and someone announced VERY LOUDLY from the podium that Karl--the Nazi's son--Rove had just been subpoenaed for Scooter's trial.  Let's pray it leads to an indictment!


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Slides, part one:

01-Our gang-Noey, Dr. Jon, Mark, Pete

02-Our gang-Jon, Jack, Mark, Pete, VVAW friend

03-Our gang-Noey, Jon, Jack, Mark, Pete

04-Our gang-the new flag

05-New banner-Al waving, Terry watching where she walks

06-Our gang-Bill on left, Ray down in front, Sam behind Al