"Bring 'em Home Now" is our DV-VFA motto as long as this illegal war persists, and we have printed the slogan all over everything.  In the first pics (sent earlier) Pete is holding a sign with another motto, the one from VVAW--"Honor the Warrior, Not the War"—but it didn't quite get photographed.  Finally we see it in slide no. 7, with John Mason holding it.  I think I can see you, John Kline, talking to a military mother at the edge of photo #10, and is that Jack Marquess moving out of pic #9?  A few Del Valley stalwarts didn't get into these photos at all.  Nancy , I thought I got your pic but it didn't take, and I cut Ray's jaw off in #5 & 6--sorry!  Our IVAW members went ahead of all the rest, along with the others from IVAW, and three of Our Gang never could get to the front to join our group--Dave, Bruce and Rich--but I was glad to run into two of you later. 


You can see the crunch.  I estimate that at least 30 other buses passed us on Interstate 95 from PA, NJ, NY State and the New England states, each with a minimum of 40 on board.  Other buses were ahead of us, or behind us, or arrived from the South and West.  The Charter buses from our entire region were more than full, they were supersaturated.  Many persons had to come by car, commercial bus, or Amtrak and I never saw DC so crowded, not even for the rally of 1969.  The AP made its typical under-reported estimate of the numbers—ultra-conservative in more ways that one.  Several persons who counted heads estimated our crowd at about 1 million.  (AP minimized that by calling it "tens of thousands.")  If the West Coast marches were even one quarter as huge, you can figure out the totals for yourself.  However, some of the ones in DC came from West Coast, and a large number from Texas , including veterans, Gold Star and active duty military families.


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07-Our gang-John M and Ray kneeling in front

08-Our gang-impatient to get moving

09-Pete in the crowd-and Jack M departing?

10-Our gang-Bill in side shot toward Capitol in background-and John Kline on left?

11-Our gang-we marched with many military families

12-Our gang-the sun behind us