I walked with our Delaware Valley Veterans for America group, but had to drop out from back pain and exhaustion before we reached the Capitol, to sit a while.  As people passed by, from what I could count at least 65% of the marchers were UNDER 25!  The others were old fudds like me and a large number of young & middle aged families and their kids, many of the latter in strollers or riding on a parent's shoulders.  Most were white, but there were many African Americans, mostly young, a contingent of Native Americans, and I saw young Hispanics and Near Easterners with signs asking for justice--a real cross section of America .  Hope YOU were there, although it would have been almost impossible for us to locate each other.  Especially I hope the Democrats and Republicans in Congress were LISTENING to the sound of America's marching shoes!


An astonishing number of people, especially veterans, know about our DV-VFA group, wished us all the best, and thanked us for all the continual activities we participate in with so many numbers and such a rah-rah spirit.  I heard special thanks on behalf of various peace groups, including vets, for Arlington North-Sea of Tombstones.  Most hadn't seen it in Philly but knew about it.  They had looked at our website (http://www.vfp144.org/) and some said they were awestruck by the quality.  (Thanks, Rich, for site management.)  Two vets told me they were proud of us for not shunning a lot of sweaty hard labor.


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13-Crowds of marchers-spilling out into the street

14-Crowds of marchers-toward the Capitol

15-Crowds of marchers-peace flag

16-Crowds of marchers-Impeach Bush

17-Impeach Bush but Cheney first

18-Impeach Cheney first-definitely yes