Lots of musicians and street theater artists were crating lampoons--mostly young people, including a group of college-age toting an enormous dragon-shaped balloon.  Nice to see a few old friends, despite the crunch--especially Lou Ann and some folks from All Souls Unitarian Church in DC, where I used to be a member.  Wish I’d gotten a picture—but often I was too tired to lift the camera.


Note the feeble protest by a few people who didn't want the Majority Voice of Americans to be there--I saw no more than ten, all male and white, led by a man smoking a stogie.  A group of "Grandmothers for Peace" felt sorry for their loneliness and went over to talk, but one of the Grannies said the cigar guy was unresponsive, and might have been rude to her--she wasn't sure.  She told that she (and most of us) also fervently prayed that "God bless the troops" every day, and she thanked him for his sign, which bore that motto.  Maybe it was unintentional, but he blew smoke in her face!  While we were marching to bring home the troops, tragically 7 more were killed in Iraq .


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19-Bush satirist with horns

20-Bush satirist-with a devil on his back

21-Bush satirist-Reform School report card

22-The dragon-Impeach, Indict, Imprison

23-The pro-war stogie protest with Grannies

24-Crowds of marchers-long view from the park