VFP Sunday 8/19 March to the Arch

On Sunday Afternoon, the Veterans, Military Families, & Gold Star Moms and Dads who didn't have early flights gathered for an Espirit De Corps "March to the Arch"


Texan Jim Goodnow's Yellow Rose  bus took it's usual lead position

March to the Arch

Bill & Terry Perry @ the Assembly Area for the March to the Arch

march begins

Our Iraq Vets Spearhead the March, in their position as Leaders of the Anti-War Movement


This photo shows Lovella Calica inspecting the Troops

head of march

IVAW, On the Move for Peace & Social Justice


You'll NEVER see a photo of the IVAW Bus that DOESN'T look good!

Building where Dred Scott was decided

The Dred Scott Case was heard in this Building, the St Louis Federal District
Courthouse, on our Parade Route.  The Decision handed down in St Louis said that "Slave Owners Property Rights ( in other words, the Owners rights to their property, the slaves ) trumped the slaves' Human Rights !

One of the most important cases ever tried in the United States was heard in St. Louis' Old Courthouse. Supreme Court decision in 1857, and hastened the start of the Civil War. John Emerson died the following year, and it is believed that Mrs. Emerson hired out Dred and Harriet Scott to work for other families.

Gold Star Parents

Some of our Gold Star Parents, including Carlos & Melida Arredondo, Fernando Suarez Del Solar, Al Zappala, Juan Torres, and Elaine Johnson

under arch

This photo captures some IVAW under the Arch

Loud & Proud

Iraq Vets, making it CLEAR that they've Been There, Done That, and They Know where They're going to END THE WAR !


Billy Kelly & Terry Perry, Under the Arch, implore IMPEACH Cheney 1st, THEN Bush

ALL PHOTOS:  Credit bill perry