Trampled Iraq VET gets MUG Fixed (Hofstra Police Riot) 10/24, after 10/15

with girlfriend
   A week and a day after being trampled by the Mounted Cops at the Hofstra
Prez Candidate Debate POLICE RIOT, Iraq VET, Nick Morgan underwent facial reconstruction.
    The Doc's were minimally invasive by going into the eye socket to place both
TITANIUM braces, and some biodegradable sleeves on the shattered orbit and zygoma bones.
    Nick's Disabled Veterans' Service Officer (yours truly, BP) and Nick's fiance, Liz got
into the recovery room to monitor the drugs going into our hero.
When Nick got his own Hospital Room, Liz & BP commenced with some holistic healing
more snuggling
Liz's holistic healing beat hell out of BP's !
Here's Nick, POST-Surgery
Here's Nick, last week, at the Hofstra Police RIOT
For amazing photos on how the Police abused the horses, in order to abuse the Iraq Vets,
go to:
For YOU TUBE of Nick getting trampled (shot by BP):
This sign is above the Philly V.A. Hospital doors where Nick's
mug was reconstructed
The Price of FREEDOM is visible in the Streets, too
ALL Photos:  Credit bill perry
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