Iraq Vets Bus Tour
takes 3 day, 2 night "R&R" in Philly,
 July 3, 4, &5

After their 10 day "Dirty South" Bus Tour to major bases like Camp Lejuene,  Ft Jackson, Ft Benning, etc, the IVAW crew takes a 3day, 2 night "R&R" in Philly


Marine Gunny Sgt Leonard & Danielle Perry

Veterans Service Officer

Our Iraq Vets go over available VA Treatment, benefit, & Comp options with a Veterans Service Officer


More than a dozen VVAW, including Patrick McCann, Ron Ferizzi, and Dr Jon Bjornson, and 20 some Del Val Vets supported the IVAW bus tour


Rapper JOIE tore the roof of the sucker @ Mill Creek Tavern

Head Roc

Head Roc, who had toured with the IVAW "Rust Belt" tour last winter, did great selections from his NEGROPHOBIA CD



Our Anarchist Rabbi, Shalom Kellor, can spit, too !


And NO MUSICIAN does more for IVAW than Rockin' Ryan !


IVAW Yellow Rose Bus Driver Jim Goodnow gets all the girls( Danielle & Terry Perry )

photo #1  Nan Smith

photos #2 & 3 Jack Kline

photos # 4 thru 9  Bill Perry