DC RALLY BackStage & On Stage # 1 PHOTOS (1/27/07)

Susan Sarandon

Iraq Vet Garrett Reppenhagen discusses his Veterans For America blog with Susan Sarandon

Jane & Bill

I have been smitten with this woman ever since we did Winter Soldier Investigation in January, 1971.  ( and in awe of her since our Rapid American Withdrawal March,Labor Day weekend, 1970 )

Jane Fonda

I had to "pin" her with my OVERSIZED VVAW button, fer ole times sake. ( 69 yrs old!, and STILL absolutely beautiful! )  That's Congressman Jerry Nadler, to the left, to the left, Grand Organizer Leslie Cagan, behind him, John Nichols behind her, Rap Master Jesse Jackson, top left, and Salt Lake City Mayor, Rocky Anderson, top right

Sean Penn

Del Val's Terry Perry with Sean Penn

John Conyers

John Conyers, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, reminds us to focus on the CORRECT "I" word, Investigate, and the facts will lead to the other "I" word,

Dick Gregory

10 WEEKS after I had come home from 'Nam, I cast my first vote, ever, for this Brilliant Comedian, and great humanitarian, Dick Gregory.  In Pennsylvania, he headed up the Peace and Freedom Party, with Mark Lane.
    I couldn't vote for Hubert Humphrey, who wanted to "stay the course" on the LBJ-McNamara war, because HHH wanted to continue killing my fellow combat vets. 
    This was '68, AFTER they killed MLK, & Bobby Kennedy.  There were other candidates like "Clean Gene" McCarthy, George "Not a dime's worth of difference"
Wallace, CP's Gus Hall, "R" Tricky Dick, and other phonies, but Dick Gregory was the "REAL DEAL".  That was the first, and ONLY time I ever failed to vote straight Democrat.
    I 'spoze that's a character flaw !

Eve Enslinger

EVE ENSLER (Playwright/Performer/Activist), award-winning author of The Vagina Monologues( & the Good Body, & Necessary Targets, & Extradinary Measures )
    Eve is also quite a facilitator among the lefties we love.  Folks like Glenn Close, Jane Fonda, Susan Sarandon, and Oprah Winfrey have ALL done Eve's one woman show, The Vagina Monologues on Broadway.  
What would be AMAZINGLY INSTRUCTIVE for ALL MALES, would be for men to simply hear women just gush, fawn, and fuss over Eve.  The LOVE is so thick, it's amazing !