IVAW Winter Soldier I&A Entertainment PHOTOS, Fri & Sat nights (M14 & M15)

Ryan Harvey

Ryan Harvey, the Iconic IVAW musician, shared his talents both Friday, and Saturday nights,
reminding ALL GWOT, OIF & OEF Vets, "Soldier, You're NOT Alone" (Search & Avoid)

SON of Nun

S.O.N. of Nun spittin TRUTH ( as always ) at IVAW's Friday night post-panel sessions.
Political hip hop artist, former Baltimore City high school teacher, activist, cancer survivor, sickle cell battler, and recipient of praise by Public Enemy’s Chuck D as “[Leaving] a mean look on somebody’s face� for being “More than relevant!,� S.O.N. doesn’t just entertain his crowds he empowers them. The name Son of Nun is a biblical reference to the one who took over where Moses left off. Inspired by the Maroons in his Jamaican heritage and countless freedom fighters past and present, S.O.N. seeks to help pass the torch to the next generation.


Iraq Combat Vet, and emerging HIP HOP artist, AWALL, with the Jada Pinkett Smith looking half of his backup, @ Saturday nights' performance.

Head Roc

Head Roc, On the Grind, Nationally, all through this millennium, raises awareness about
how the Occupations slash away at the frayed "safety net", the National Psyche, and flat-out
common sense.  From Katrina to D.C. Statehood ( with the 2 Senators & the Rep that would
accompany Statehood ) IVAW supporter Head Roc is ALWAYS on point !

Tom Morello

Musician and political and social activist Tom Morello's stark new album as The NightWatchman, 'One Man Revolution,' (Epic Records) is a dark, urgent portrait of a world in turmoil.   Morello, the Grammy Award-winning guitarist of Rage Against the Machine and AudioSlave, compares war zones in the US and Iraq, and pinpoints the sociopolitical struggles of the American leftist underground in the series of self-penned originals, singing and playing acoustic guitar for the first time on record. For more on The Nightwatchman: NightwatchmanMusic.com.

Rage Against the Machine

The former Rage Against the Machine driving force is dead serious about the phrase, "Whatever It Takes"

Tom Morello

Tom Morello did a fabulous benefit on the Kickoff of IVAW's Dirty South bus tour last June, in Vienna, VA, and he tore the roof off the sucka last night, too !

Riot-Folk Collection

If you can't afford CD's by ALL the above artists, keep in mind that the Riot-Folk Collective CD,
Titled "LINE IN THE SAND" has Head Roc on Track 7, The NightWatchman on Track 9, S.O.N. of Nun
on Track 10, and Ryan Harvey on Track 11. 

NOTE to all PTSD Victims:
    There were 7 dudes who had testified in our 1971 Winter Soldier Investigation, who were present  for 2008's Winter Soldier, Iraq & Afghanistan.
    FOUR of these seven 1971 WSI testifiers who were at 2008's WS I&A are rated at 100% for PTSD
    One of these four 100 Per Centers left the National Labor College's Kirkland Center, where we had spent the previous 15 hours doing panels and support work, and walked to Bldg #4 to change from his suit, to something comfortable to rock at the Entertainment Venue in Bldg #7.
    Keep in mind that this 100% PTSD victim has emphysema, and walking from Bldg #4 to Bldg #7 MORE THAN ONCE, in the Driving Rain could make him susceptible to pneumonia, which can KILL a 60 year old Vet, when rockets, mortars, and small arms fire couldn't kill him, 40 years ago.
    Turned out that our 60 year old 100 per center had left his "all access" badge on his suit, back in his room.  When he went to enter the Bldg #7 Music Venue, the two NON-Veteran volunteer security people, with their 58 year old "Volunteer Security Chief" right next to them, told him to walk back to Bldg #4, in the driving rain, and get his badge.
    Keep in mind, all 3 of these security folks had been seeing our PTSD Old Timer for FOUR STRAIGHT DAYS, working various support services at WS I&A.  It was obvious he wasn't carrying a "suicide vest", or any weapons
  The 100% PTSD Old Timer was  known by EVERY entertainer in the Venue, and more than 100 of the Iraq Vets know him, personally.
    There was a 10 second dust up at the door, then, within 1 minute, a Squad of Veterans who knew the 100 per center ushered him into the Venue.  End of story?  Hell, NO !
    Sunday morning, the "volunteer security peeps" flexed their muscle.  They had the 100% PTSD Vet BARRED from Day #4.  ( the REAL security peeps with the Labor College loved our 100 per center, but the internal "volunteers" had a code that superceeded the REAL Security folks authority. )
    WTF???  1st, a a "FIELD DECISION", should have been made as soon as our 100 per center mentioned "why TWO more trips, w/ emphysema and the steady rain". 
    In lieu of the sort of Occupation Field Decision that saves lives at check points in Iraq, you'd think that pleasant behavior by our 100 per center over the next 3 hours inside the Venue would be the end of it, but no, that's not how the aggrieved volunteer security folks think. 
    They have some bullshit authority, and they will stop at nothing to prove just how important their authority is.  They will actually edit, barr, or delete any one who doesn't ask "how high", when they say "jump".  ZERO Tolerance.  Just like Reich Wingers.
    MORAL OF STORY, my Sisters and Brothers who have PTSD?  The rest of your life, you will be challenged by scores, if not hundreds, of little pinheads with huge egos, who claim to like and care for Veterans, but they will shit on you, disrespect you, and all you've been subjected to, in a Combat Zone.      
    They don't give a damn about your Service, your background, your devotion to other Veterans, your lifetime commitment to anti-war, and Peace activities... nothing...  All they care about is exercising power, inflating their egos, and crushing YOU.
    Be advised, be apprised, and be aware.  This petty behavior by power mongers is why you find so many of our 100 per centers languishing in prisons.
In solidarity,
bill perry