Phila Inquirer Demo: John Yoo, Torture Justifyer, hired by Reich Wing rag

Phun in Philly:
signs of torture
Photo Credit:  bill perry
Graphic torture pics are traffic stoppers @ Philadelphia Inquirer
Sandy, Bill & me
Photo Credit:  bill perry
Delaware Valley Vets are Veterans For Peace, VietNam Veterans Against the War, and
Disabled American Veterans
top of the chain
Photo Credit:  bill perry
Retired Recruiter makes it clear that these WAR CRIMES ain't about Pvt Lyndie Englund & Sgt Granier, but
the absolute TOP of the chain, starting with Bush, Cheney, Ashcroft, Gonzalez, Rummy, & Yoo
what's this about?
Photo Credit:  bill perry
The 8 lanes of traffic passing the Inquirer building has NO DIFFICULTY figuring out
what our Demo is about
decline of paper
Del Val Vets illustrate why a once successful newspaper has degenerated into a NeoCon
rag, with columnists like Rick Santorum, John Yoo, and Philly's Judith Miller, Ms Trudy Rubin.
bird-cage liner
Photo Credit:  bill perry
It used to be sad to watch a once proud paper try to defend the indefensible... now,
it's just a death watch, as fans of Colbert, Stewart, & Internet literate folks find better
products to line bird cages, wrap fish, and train puppies with.
Photo Credit:  bill perry
About a year and a half ago, Sue (left), & Koyuki (right) were thrown out of a John Yoo
appearance @ the Constitution Center, for unfurling a banner attacking John Yoo, and parading
around him.  Moments later, I was first up at the mic, and I launched into an attack, based on my
military background, vs Yoo.  It took all of 2 minutes for me to use up all my tactful & diplomatic
artillery, then I went ad hominem... for the next 3 minutes I tore John Yoo a new one, and I kept
glancing at the National Park Service Guards, expecting them to throw me out...
ALL 4 Guards kept grinning, and giving me the thumbs up.
Dr Jon Bjornson, & bill perry
Photo Credit:  bill perry
VietNam Veterans Against the War PA Contacts, Dr Jon Bjornson, & bill perry
All in all, it was BIG Phun in Philly
Bill Perry
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Delaware Valley Veterans For America

Disabled American Veteran, VVAW, VFP, VFW, VVA