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Link to Arlington Liberty Bell
(Our Tombstone Display for the servicepeople who died in OIF)

Iraq Veterans Against the War march from the Liberty Bell to Valley Forge to publicize upcoming Winter Soldier testimony

IVAW YouTube of "Ruck March" March 1&2

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

We of the IVAW and of the Delaware Valley Veterans of America made an appearance at Elmwood Park to celebrate MayDay

U.S. Vets HONOR  Afghan Women for Peace, at NATO Protests in Chicago

Afghan women

Collateral Damage Magazine quotes some Afghan women who relay story of Chicago protest:

Samira: To see that we had three Afghan women leading a march of thousands of people through the streets of Chicago it was a very big moment for Afghans For Peace, for Afghans in general and for the [anti-war movement] movement as a whole.

Saba: When we started that march and when we saw where we stood on the front lines with the soldiers behind us, backing us backing us honoring us, it was a historic moment for Afghans because it has never happened in our history like that.

And when we put our peace signs up, they [veteran soldiers] followed us in suit, in a military formation, and that felt historic. It was true solidarity and when we got to the stage, the symbolic gesture of returning the sovereignty of Afghanistan to the Afghan people through Afghans For Peace, what a moment that was I was in awe. And then they started throwing their medals one by one, I was proud to be on the stage and to witness that moment with them. And they were just as proud and honored to stand with us. And then when they took to the ground and kneeled [in apology] in front of three Afghan women three Afghan women whom they are honoring and respecting.

Afghan women

It was empowering, it was inspirational. And what I really hope that it did, because the three of us as Afghan women, we battle a lot because we bear so many different roles: activists, women, young, Afghans, Muslims, daughters of refugees or refugees ourselves. We are bearing so many different roles and to stand up on that stage and to bring all of those voices to the table we are really putting ourselves on the line. And what we were really hopping it would do is that other Afghans who bear similar roles would want to join too, that they too would see and say: you know what, its ok to stand up against this [war], its ok, dont be afraid.

Suraia: Im happy to know that one of the largest anti-NATO demonstrations was lead by both Afghans and veterans, and ended with a reconciliation ceremony to signify solidarity and healing from both sides. [The soldiers were honoring us] not just through their actions but also through their words. It was important for us to hear them express their feelings of remorse and shame in their involvement in these wars. And now its important for us to share it with the Afghan community. Where the NATO summit has failed, this is how were working towards peace.

scott olsen

Scott Olsen, shot at Occupy Oakland, rids NATO Medals w/ IVAW VETS

99 Facebook photos

Huffington Post piece on atrocity

Veteran-Led Civil Resistance to U.S. Wars

December 16 ● Washington, D.C. ● 10 am
Rally at Lafayette Park and March on the White House


Bill Perry's FaceBook Album, of the 131 arrests

131 Arrested at Veteran-led Civil Resistance Against Wars Dec. 16

Press Coverage of December 16 Protest

Son Rise
Daniel Ellsberg
Chris Hedges
Ralph Nader
from the group Son Rise

Shock 'n' Awe March 19, 2011 eight-year commemoration
Details to pictures can be found under Facebook album Part 1

Janine Bonebarth
Sam Adams, Dr. Jon Bjornson, Al Kovnat - Longtime VVAW members
Janine Boneparth
DC cops getting ready to bust all 120 veterans for expressing their opinion.

Facebook album Part 2


Serious hardware for dangerous grannies and old peaceniks.
Zack Choat (Iraq vet), Jay Wenk (WW II vet), Colonel Ann Wright (29 years vet), Dan Elllsberg (Pentagon Papers)

Facebook Album Part 3

two palestnians

 Del Val Vets, and our Allies, expose our U.S. Senators & Representatives for being sniveling scumbags holding their hands out for AIPAC BRIBES, against America's interests.
Photos on Bill Perry's Facebok page

Gaza encircled
Break The Siege of Gaza
Fundraiser 10 Sep 2010

MST Demo
Killer COUNTER-RECRUITING pics from Military RAPE Demo, Oct 13, 2009
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sign in to Face Book (you do NOT have to join), then 
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G20 demonstration
G20 demonstration in "Iron City" (Pittsburgh)
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John Yoo protest
Inky contracts with torture lawyer John Yoo to write for them. For shame!

  AEC Shut-down
Shutting down the KILL School - the Army Experience Center

More outrage!!! Innocent Veterans beaten while lobbying for increased benefits at Presidential debate!!!!

Hofstra police injured

Result of police riot

Police riot at Hofstra as IVAW presents questions for Presidential candidates
holistic healing
Update: Trampled Iraq VET gets MUG Fixed at Philly VA


girl sandy Bill
Rich Gardner, Dr Jon Bjornson, Al Kovnat & R.W. Dennen

Bill Perry & Steve Richter
Click here for 50 photos of DelValVets, ISO and Students for Justice for Palestine slamming racist Pam Geller for her hateful international rallies.

 Del Val Vets Protesting Islamophobia's Racist Queen, Pam Geller at Temple University October 2010 

Philadelphians welcome Palin!
Members of DVVFA and Philadelphian's give Alaskan Governor and John McCain's running mate Sarah Palin an enthusiastic Philly welcome! (The Governor ended up scrunched down and hiding in her seat)

IVAW-August 08
Ft Drum Camp LeJeune
Ft Drum Camp LeJeune
Ft Bragg Ft Stewart
Ft Bragg Ft Stewart

IVAW-DC  Defense of the Constitution March 19

on the wall
IVAW Winter Soldier, Iraq & Afghanistan
Group pics



Constitution Center


IVAW at Valley Forge

Our Memorial Day 2007 flyer
Memorial Day 2007

FoxNews29 gave us good Memorial Day 2007 coverage!!

From November 2006
America's BEST VETERANS' DAY RALLY 11/11/06
on the stage

Iraq Veterans Against the War:  Staff Sgt Dennis Kyne, Cap't Chad Hetman, Sgt Steve Mortillo,
Sp4 Toby Hartzbarger, Sgt Mark LaChance, Combat Medic Patrick Resta

Nick Berg

Nick Berg's Dad, Mike Berg

Cindy Sheehan

Cindy Sheehan calls for Impeachment of entire Bush Regime

Celeste Zappala

Gold Star Mom Celeste Zappala holds her son, KIA Sgt Sherwood Baker

Sue Neiderer

Gold Star Mom Sue Neiderer wears her KIA son, Lt Seth Dvorin on
her chest, telling Seth's story by his Tombstone facsimile

Sylvia Keisha Hutchins

Stylist Keisha Hutchins soars to new heights

Cindy & BP

Cindy and bp raise hell


America's greatest Political Rapper, S.O.N. MC, rocks the Independence Hall walls
as he closes the Philly Veterans Day Sea of Tombstones Memorial & Rally
Photos CREDIT:  Monique Frugier


Rally in Newark

We express our views concerning the Bush Administration by marching to The Arch

(And yeah, we let our hair down and have fun every now & then) Bill celebrates 60th Birthday

Rally speaker

How we feel about the President
July 4th 2007  warm-up Event

Bio-Fuel Donation

IVAW Bus Tour

Emergency Anti-War Convention

Impeachment Panel
July 4th pre-event  group

Historic January 27, 2007 DC march

Photos of Vets & Active Duty G.I.'s leading DC March
(Six pages)
Click here

IVAW Manuevers & Press Conference

Two DVVFA members honored at NIM dinner
 Massive Washington DC demonstration, January 27, 2007, led by Iraq War Veterans Charlie Anderson, Garrett Reppenhagen & Gordy LaChance

more speech
History is made with Active Duty G.I.'s Jon Hutto & Liam Madden representing the 1,200 signers of the Appeal for Redress Active Duty. G.I.'s 
America's BEST VETERANS' DAY RALLY 11/11/06

Rally for Lt Ehren Watada in Philly 5 Feb

Photos by Monique Frugier

Story on trial shortly after event
Watada Rally
DescI    ShowI
DescII   ShowII
DescIII  ShowIII
DescIV  ShowIV
Doing all this is a huge amount of fun and we really love it, but it also costs money!  Please help.

Active-duty GIs submit Appeal for Redress

Peter Brunner's pictures of visit to DC where we meet with Cindy Sheehan, Bill Clinton & new Congressman Patrick Murphy

IVAW Deployed member, Darrell Anderson's Mom, Anita, posts a bunch of Delaware Valley Vets  pic's on her site

Sgt Madden speaks on Appeal for Redress to students


DV-VFA Promotional Piece (PDF)
Please print and distribute

Agent Orange Action

We meet with Cindy Sheehan

We go to the dedicaton of a Pentagon chapel

Welcome Home, Sgt. Kevin Benderman!!

Protest at UN

Cindy Sheehan kicks off Peace Mom book tour

We go to Washington DC for the opening of the new Congress

3000 KIA Vigil

Day after 3000 Vigil

New TV Ad from VoteVets along with our meeting Congressfolks

Jabbar MacGruder being interviewed for the Appeal For Redress


GOLD STAR Mom, Celeste Zappala leads Phila Recruiting Station RALLY, w/ VETS

group photo

Delaware Valley Vets visit 3 VA Hospitals and distribute 2-hour phone cards to 400+ patients/Vets

Santa & the vets

Iraq Veterans Deployed do a protest in San Francisco

San Francisco

We both
support the Granny Peace Brigade

courageous Grannies

and protest an award given to former SecDef Rumsfeld

Cpt Chad Hetman

IVAW @ Fort Benning to protest School of the Americas or "The torture school"

PhillyIMC story provides details on SOA Protest (22,000 protesters!!!)

group with bus

We go to Johnstown to support John Murtha (Photos by Rich)

II (Photos by Bill)

III (Photos by Bill)

IV Media commentary (Sandy)

lunch           Murtha & Zappalas

Labor Day Parade 2006

Labor Day Slideshow (PDF)

Before You Enlist (YouTube)
Features local vets in Philly

group on top of bus
the girls

Camp Democracy on National Mall

Camp Democracy Slideshow (PDF)

Truthout videos on Camp Democracy

Newsflash:  Veterans detained for leaving flyers on DU weapons

press conference

Camp Democracy slideshow 3

Monique's film


Monique Frugier's

Broken Hearts, Stolen Lives

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